The karate programs teach basics, kata (forms), sparring, basic grappling, conditioning and self-defense. Traditional values, self confidence, self improvement are stressed, with an emphasis on self-defense.
Our “Little Dragons” program is for children from 4 to 6 years old.  The aim is for children to have fun while learning discipline and manners as well as building strength and developing hand eye coordination. 
Realistic no nonsense self-defense is taught to all students at Auburn Karate School.  
As a student advances, circular motions including Ju Jutsu and Aiki JuJutsu techniques are employed.  Advanced students learn to defend against attackers, armed with weapons, as well as multiple attackers.

Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons):
Auburn Karate School teaches a wide variety of traditional Okinawan weapons.  Beginners learn Bo (6 ft. staff) and Sai (truncheon).  As students progress, training with more advanced weopons is given.  Bo, Sai, Eku (oar) Kama (sickles), Tonfa and Chizi Kun Bo are some of the traditional weapons that students can train with.

Japanese Sword:
Proper etiquette and safe, correct sword handling is taught to the beginning student.  A good foundation of basic cuts, postures and distancing help a student to progress in his study of the sword.  The combat effective Tatsu Do kata and the Ryuseiken kata which stress realistic cutting technique combine to develop a swordsman of exceptional ability.  
Basics, kata, happo-giri (eight directional cutting), kumitachi (two man drills), goshinken (sparring with padded swords) and tameshigiri (test cutting) are all in the Auburn Karate School Japanese sword curriculum.

Aiki JuJutsu:
The fluid circular motions of Aiki JuJutsu make the art an extremely effective form of self-defense.  The wrist and arm locks, come alongs, takedowns and disarming techniques of this art, make Aiki JuJutsu an excellent choice for law enforcement officers.
Beginners learn basic grappling, throws, break falls, blocks, stances and maneuvering.
Advanced students become adept at evasive maneuvers, advanced throws and controlling techniques.  Black Belts perfect combative strategy as well as defense against armed multiple attackers.
Aiki JuJutsu “the art of the Samurai” has been taught for hundreds of years.  The Aiki JuJutsu taught at Auburn Karate School is an ancient art, which has adapted to modern times.


Offers the finest in training for both children and adults.  We offer traditional martial arts training in Karate, Aiki JuJutsu, Japanese sword and Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons).  We also have a variety of classes in Zumba, Pilates, Kickboxing and Ballet Toning.



Auburn Karate School has expanded.  We have added 8000 sq. ft. of training area.  This includes a pro shop, a heavy bag and striking area, new training apparatus and 1600 sq. ft. of grappling mat.  The oldest martial arts school in the Auburn, Cayuga County area is also the most modern.

Stop in and visit the new Auburn Karate School Extension at the Auburn Plaza, 217 Grant Ave. Auburn, New York 13201

Watch for our new schedule of expanded training.




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